WCI Employer’s Choice

WCI Employer’s Choice, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency, providing innovative and cost-saving alternatives to funding group health benefits, including medical, dental, life, short-and long-term disability, and workers compensation insurances compliant with the Affordable Care Act.



Employers with more than 50 employees increasingly find healthcare costs to be one of the biggest threats to their bottom line.  But there is an alternative to the fully-insured marketplace without the high risks of self-insurance:  our Captive Program.  This is a very innovative approach to funding healthcare benefits.  It marries the best aspects of full-insurance (minimal administration and pre-set costs) with self-insurance (cost containment, data transparency, plan-design flexibility), combined with the defined exposure and cost savings of group captives. For a pre-qualification discussion and quote, contact Fredrick Reese at 800-621-2685.



Our new initiative is the perfect accompaniment to our captive program, or for any employer who is self-insured or has a vested interest in lowering their healthcare costs. It is an obesity management solution that measures body composition and metabolism, combined with personal and group coaching, for results that will greatly benefit employee health and reduce healthcare claims. For more information, click here.


An excerpt from Business North Carolina Magazine that refers to the programs on this page. We want to help make WNC the healthiest place to live and work in the southeastern US.