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Employee Selection

Finding and selecting the right people is every employer's priority. Mistakes are costly. WCI provides its members the following services to find and hire the best people.

Promoting From Within

There are many great reasons why employers prefer to promote from within, whenever possible. WCI now offers an objective tool for considering candidates for promotion, combined with a development tool for preparing those candidates for future openings. This is a customized but inexpensive way to set the stage for better promotions.

  • Using PDP JobScan technology, a model behavioral profile is created from your current peak performers in the role
  • Internal candidates for that role are assessed using the PDP ProScan and compared behaviorally to the job model
  • A custom training program is established based on behaviors that, if strengthened, will prepare the trainee for the role
  • Online training is provided to the candidate using WCI's Learning Management System (LMS) with progress monitoring

For more information, contact David Snook at 828.210.1203 or [email protected]

Management Recruiting

WCI Search finds and pre-qualifies serious leaders with proven ability for our members: professional recruitment for professional people. WCI Search is available to employers only.

  • Flexible: use our qualified search professionals only when you need them
  • Save time: WCI screens applicants for the best job-specific candidates using our expertise
  • Save money: our member pricing is significantly less than traditional search firms
  • Recent placements include Engineers, HR Managers, Supervisors, Plant Managers, Safety Managers, and IT Managers

For more information, contact Wendy Ratcliff at 828.667.3311 or [email protected]

Hiring Analytics

WCI uses the proven technology of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) to attract the most qualified people and match candidates to jobs, based on the science of understanding natural behavior. This adds an objective tool to the subjective selection process. The PDP system is extremely accurate, EEOC compliant, and also measures the candidate's energy level and pressure points.

  • Identifies the ideal behaviors for each position
  • Builds a job model to match candidates against
  • Provides key words for advertising that attracts better candidates
  • Ensures job fit for better engagement and retention
  • Reduces turnover substantially to save money

For more information, contact David Snook at 828.210.1203 or [email protected]

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