Health & Wellness

WCI is now providing a proven and innovative approach to improving employee health and lowering employer healthcare costs. Our obesity management system measures body composition and metabolic rates to determine the exact caloric intake for each participant.

  • Unhealthy behaviors lead to increased health risk and eventually to chronic diseases.
  • Obesity is driving the chronic conditions contributing to at least 75% of the health spend for most employers.
  • Health improvements using the program include the reduction or elimination of medications and improved patient risk profiles.
  • Our clients may see an average 3.7 to 1 Return on Investment!

Program Features:

  • Bod Pod - Far more accurate and specific than BMI, this device measures the percentage of weight that comes from lean mass vs. fatty tissue. Participants are measured in the Bod Pod every two weeks.
  • Metabolic Reading - East participant's resting metabolic rate is measured at the beginning, middle, and end of the 16-week program, providing a caloric range for optimal results.
  • Behavioral Coaching - Beginning the second week of the program, participants meet with a wellness coach to discuss their custom program and their progress. They focus on 12 behavior goals including stress management, sleep, nutrition, and exercise.



"Since starting the bod pod program, my cholesterol levels have improved significantly, my blood pressure is lower than ever, and I was able to reduce my blood sugar levels from a Type 2 diabetic to non-diabetic levels."   --Patient (6 weeks into program)




Call Kit Roberts at 1-800-621-2685 for more information.