Letter from the President

The challenges all of us have faced over the past few years have been difficult, to say the least.  Today and moving forward, we continue to deal with a high degree of uncertainty, bolstered by increasing challenges not only from global competitors, but from increasing government intervention into our businesses and organizations.

For more than 50 years, WCI has been fulfilling its role of helping organizations deal with business threats, whether in the form of third party interference, internal dysfunction, or stifling legislation.  Our commitment to our members is to continue our leadership on these fronts.

  • In addition to maintaining our post on labor activity in our service areas, our lobby efforts are yielding significant change and improvement to the structure and rules for workers compensation and unemployment insurance.
  • We have developed—and offer—alternative funding models for health benefit programs with substantial cash savings for participants.
  • Our networking events are bringing people together of similar responsibility to share experiences and discuss solutions to issues that will benefit us all.

All of us at WCI consider it a privilege to serve you individually, and the employer community as a whole, throughout our region.  We appreciate your continued support and the opportunity to work together as a community of employers, making us all better.

Fredrick Reese
President / CEO
WCI, Inc.