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HR3 Regional Seminar - Affirmative Action Planning Basics

As recipients of American tax dollars, companies that do business with the federal government incur myriad obligations under contracting regulations. One such set of obligations stems from the Affirmative Action Regulations. Under those regulations, federal contractors and subcontractors must develop affirmative action plans (AAPs) annually, submit to periodic audits by OFCCP, and comply with a long list of technical requirements. Please join our strategic partners at Jackson Lewis for this virtual seminar as they explain these daunting regulations and provide practical advice for contractor compliance. We will cover a wide range of issues, such as applicability of the regulations, required components of AAPs, OFCCP audits, and other technical requirements.  Participants also will receive an Affirmative Action Compliance Checklist that will help companies remain compliant with the requirements under the Affirmative Action Regulations.

The date for this virtual seminar has been changed to November 10. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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