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WCI's Learning Management System

What is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a great way for an employer to consolidate all their training videos and company communications in one place, available online anytime, by anyone you want to access it. There are hundreds of LMS systems available on the open market. Low cost systems have very limited capabilities. Full-featured systems are very expensive. Content availability varies widely between systems. But one thing is certain: providing your employees with the opportunity to learn and grow is one of the key factors for employee engagement and retention.

Why WCI for LMS?

As your employer association, this is another way we can offer our members the economy of scale that we are able to leverage on your behalf. WCI offers a high-end LMS platform, a vast amount of available training content, and WCI staff to facilitate the LMS for you. And, it will cost you much less than you could purchase directly, as one company.

Want to see it for yourself without pressure or obligation? Submit a request for a free tour here. Or, call WCI's Director of LMS Services, David Snook at 704-995-7161 for more information. You know us; we're here for you.

A "best-in-class" LMS platform

Our platform is provided by DigitalChalk (Sciolytix), a market leader in learning management systems. Their platform fees start at $8,000 per year, but WCI members can use their platform for only $20 per user per year. Platform access includes all WCI-produced content and the ability to upload and produce your own video content. Or, we'll produce your custom content for you at low cost. Here's how these platform prices compare.

number of users WCI member cost DigitalChalk retail cost
10 $200 $7,999
50 $1,000 $7,999
100 $2,000 $9,999
200 $4,000 $12,999
300 $6,000 $12,999
400 $8,000 $17,999

Content from the "world's largest digital learning library"

WCI members have optional access to around 80,000 video-based training courses. A number of "playlists" have been compiled for you, making it easy to find the content most useful for workplace training. Unlike most other LMS systems, you're not locked-in to purchasing content bundles, as the playlists are entirely flexible. Tell us what content you need and we'll find it, vet it, and load it into your LMS portal. We'll even register your employees for the courses you want them to complete. With our content subscriptions, your employees can take any number of courses at one low price of $120 per user per year. This fee is comparable to one in-person course, once per year, or the cost of losing your employee from one day away for training.

Our LMS Value

  1. One place for all your training videos and company communications.
  2. "Best-in-class" LMS platform capability that costs well below retail.
  3. The ability to upload and produce your own content, or we'll do it for you.
  4. Advanced features like course completion monitoring, testing, and report generation.
  5. Industry leading customer support from Sciolytix.
  6. Course stop-and-return-later capability like Netflix, on any device.
  7. Microlearning approach to most courses, making training more effective.
  8. Optional access to the "world's largest digital learning library" at bulk pricing.
  9. Services provided through WCI, your partner for enhancing your workplace.
  10. Personal support from WCI staff, like having a built-in navigator.

The Bottom Line

Every employer needs an effective way to train their employees and communicate with them. In these days of remote services, a good LMS is the preferred, virtual approach. We want to help you get what you need, in a way that saves you more money than your WCI membership costs. How's that for value?

David Snook, WCI Director of LMS Services

[email protected] // 704-995-7161 direct

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