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LMS Company Portal Overview

WCI's Learning Management System (LMS) is a great way to provide training for your employees without the cost and disruption of sending them off-site.

Online Access

We offer a cloud-based platform for any kind of training and communication, available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Users can start, stop, and come back later to resume where they left off, just like Netflix. Employee progress is tracked for monitoring, while providing an electronic record of all training.

Fully Customizable

We'll help you upload all your existing training content to your own branded LMS portal. We'll also help you create your own content, whether for training or company-wide communication. Our LMS is a best-in-class platform that also includes all WCI training videos.

Vast Content

Additional training is available from the world's largest eLearning library of around 80,000 programs. We'll help you find what you need and load it into your LMS portal. Each learner with a subscription can have a uniquely curated playlist of any size.

Personal Help

Concierge services are included to make it easy for you to maximize the usefulness of your LMS. We will setup your portal and your users, help you curate the content you need, and provide admin support.


Our pricing is super-competitive and well below retail. As your association of employers, we are leveraging our economy of scale for bulk pricing that benefits your organization and is then scaled to your size and needs. What you will save on your LMS will cover your WCI membership!

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