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Re-certification for WCI Members

WCI and HRCI are committed to supporting HR career development and ongoing education. Our organizations have partnered to offer WCI members the following benefits when obtaining or renewing their aPHR / PHR / SPHR / GPHR certifications.

  • All HRCI-certified professionals are eligible to receive up to 12 hours of re-certification credit just for being employed by a WCI member company. Eligibility is based on the number of years during your re-certification cycle that you were employed at a WCI member organization. Credits can also be pro-rated for partial years.
  • HRCI has provided a Re-certification Concierge to quickly resolve your questions and issues. Email [email protected] or call 571-551-6725.
  • A $50 exam fee discount (select WCI from the list when registering for an exam).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the re-certification credit program work?
    Members will receive 12 credit hours per re-certification cycle (3 years). Nine (9) credits per cycle (or 3 credits per year of membership) are to be recorded under "Professional Achievement" (choose the HR membership category). Plus, three (3) credits per cycle are to be recorded under "Professional Development Self-Directed" by self-reporting 1-3 Business credits.
  2. How do I claim re-certification credits as a member of WCI?
    See our instructions for claiming credits or the instructions with screen shots.
  3. Is documentation needed to confirm membership?
    Documentation is needed only in the event you are chosen for an audit. If audited, please contact WCI for proof of membership.
  4. How often will I be able to submit the 12 credit hours in my re-certification application?
    We recommend submitting up to 3 credit hours annually, or the total applicable credits at the end of your re-certification cycle.
  5. I do not have my SPHR; how can I utilize the business credits?
    If you do not have an SPHR certification, the credit type will default to HR (General) credit.
  6. Is there a promo code for the $50 exam discount?
    There is NO promo code. When you are registering for an exam, select WCI from the list of organizations. Once selected, the exam discount will be automatically applied.
  7. How does the $50 exam discount interact with Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB)?
    The exam discount is applied to the application exam fee prior to the BYOB experience.
  8. How can I get more help with any of this?
    Contact the HRCI Conceirge: Nella Deaze, account manager, at 571-551-6725, or email [email protected]
  9. How does HRCI certification compare with SHRM certification?
    Use this link to see the HRCI vs SHRM comparison chart.
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