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This month we're featuring our team building programs. Each program uses PDP technology to provide objective data that will help your employees understand themselves and their team members better. These tools have been used over 5 million times, are 96% accurate, and EEOC compliant. The ProScan and TeamScan data are used in workshops presented by certified WCI staff, with 2 program options.

Team Connection

This program brings your team together to better understand one another's working styles.

  • Our program expertly applies PDP ProScan technology with personal applications
  • Provides a personal Quickview of each participant's natural strengths as only PDP can
  • This fun and interactive workshop enhances team collaboration
  • Available as a two-hour team presentation, in-person or virtual

Team Discovery

Optimize your functional team or working group by discovering their unique dynamics and building on their strengths.

  • Our program expertly applies PDP TeamScan technology with personal applications
  • Measures and compares behavioral traits, energy levels, stress points, perceptions, and communication preferences
  • Examines overall team behavioral trends and how to work together more effectively
  • Available as a half-day, interactive, team presentation, in-person or virtual

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