Workforce Enhancement

Finding, hiring, and managing the right people for your workplace is every employer's priority, but still a major source of difficulty and challenge. Mistakes are very expensive and hurt performance. WCI provides the following services that are designed to enhance your workforce, save you money in the long term, and improve employee performance and teamwork.



WCI Search is here to provide you with the leaders you need for professional and supervisory positions.  We search for the kind of people who are serious about their work and elevating their career, people who want a position that allows them to utilize all the assets they can bring to a company like yours. We do professional recruitment for professional people. WCI Search is available to employers only.

  • Save time and money on your search by using qualified search professionals only when you need them
  • WCI does “retained searches” where we find qualified candidates for a specific position, rather than trying to place unqualified individuals
  • Benefit from WCI member pricing that is significantly less than traditional search firms
  • We have placed Engineers, HR Managers, Supervisors, Plant Managers, Safety Managers, IT Managers, and more

For more information, contact Wendy Ratcliff at 828.667.3311 or



ProScan is a tool that was developed by PDP (Professional DynaMetric Programs) to help people understand themselves and others. It defines and measures strengths, providing an accurate description of a person's style of behavior. It has been proven 96% accurate on over 4 million scans and is EEOC compliant. It also measures current stress levels that can effect energy levels on the job. ProScans can be used for personal enrichment, improved understanding of employee behavior, and to provide insights for better employee management. For more information, contact David Snook at 828.210.1203 or



WCI can help you select the right people for the job, using proven technology that is based on the science of understanding people. The right people are much more likely to engage and perform. Our system is extremely accurate, EEOC compliant, and has the following four parts.

  1. Building a Reliable Job Model - We will work with you to assess your current top performers, with input from direct managers, to create a benchmark that applies to your specific workplace and position to be filled.
  2. Attracting the Most Qualified Applicants - Advertising to potential candidates must use the specific words that will attract the people most likely to measure up to your job model. This will result in a better qualified pool of applicants.
  3. Matching Candidates to the Job Model - Each candidate who completes a JobScan assessment will have their behavioral traits measured against the job model, resulting in a job matching report with recommendations.
  4. Enhancing Your Interviewing Techniques - A behavioral interviewing guide will be provided to conduct more objective and productive interviews, taking the guesswork out, with questions that confirm the job match.

We use Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) to help employers select the right people. PDP measures behavioral traits and more, including the candidate's energy level where the future of your company resides! For more information, contact David Snook at 828.210.1203 or



We can help you improve your workplace culture, using PDP TeamScan technology expertly applied to your designated team or work group. Team Discovery can include one-on-one sessions to discuss individual assessment results, followed by team-wide analytics and discussion, for a one-day program. Alternatively, a half-day program addresses the team collectively. This will greatly enhance team member understanding of themselves, their co-workers, and provide practical help on how to work together and communicate better. For more information, contact David Snook at 828.210.1203 or