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Workplace Differences

We live in an era of increasing concern and emphasis on the differences between people, and working as a society toward better social justice. Your workplace is a melting pot of people with different looks, views, beliefs, and practices that are shaped by equal employment laws, personal attitudes, and the necessity of working together for the good of your organization. Read our article about DEI program legalities.

At WCI, we have developed two programs to help you. Their content overlaps, yet their approaches vary. Which one could you bring into your workplace to have the best impact?

Diversity & Inclusion Training Session

A one-hour interactive session in a classroom format from our HR team. Participants will:

  • Understand what diversity and inclusion really mean
  • See the need for diversity and its value in the workplace
  • Recognize how it effects communication, relationships, and business outcomes
  • Explore each participant's attitudes about stereotypes
  • Apply techniques to reduce workplace barriers
  • Develop a personal action plan

For more information or scheduling, contact Wendy Ratcliff at 828.329.7602 or email [email protected]

Sensitivity & Respect: A Day at Work

A 45-50 minute interactive session in a thought-provoking format from our SDI team. Participants will:

  • Think, reflect, and respond personally to our changing work world
  • Consider their values and beliefs, and how they developed
  • Discuss the impact these things have on their peer relationships
  • Evaluate how they respond to interpersonal differences
  • Use a combination of video, workbook, and discussions
  • See the need for sensitivity and respect toward people who are different

For more information or scheduling, contact Terry Childers at 828.413.7899 or email [email protected]

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