WCI, Inc

Onsite Employee Training

Harassment Prevention

This no-charge member benefit helps employers manage harassment issues proactively to reduce liability and improve culture.

  • Harassment Prevention Training for Managers - live, onsite, includes management's responsibility in harassment matters
  • Harassment Prevention Training for Hourly Workers - online video access, includes 5 workplace rules every employee needs to follow
  • Training for Hourly Workers is also available live onsite for a nominal fee
  • Understand what harassment is and learn how to deal with it

Contact Ellen Steele at 828.210.1205 or Wendy Ratcliff at 828.329.7602 for scheduling or more information

Team Discovery

Optimize your functional team or working group by discovering their unique dynamics and building on their strengths.

  • Our program expertly applies PDP TeamScan technology with personal applications
  • Measures and compares behavioral traits, energy levels, stress points, perceptions, and communication preferences
  • Examines overall team behavioral trends and how to work together more effectively
  • Available for team presentation and discussion, with the option of one-on-one sessions

For more information, contact David Snook at 828.210.1203 or [email protected].

Supervisory Development

Our entire SDI program consists of 24 modules (topics) arranged in 4-levels of 6-modules each. These can be offered at your location, as an alternative to sending your supervisors to our public classes. The following chart shows the advantages of both methods. For program details, see our SDI webpage. For more information, call Terry Childers at 828.413.7899

SDI onsite program SDI public program
Location of training: at your site at our Asheville and Hickory sites
Schedule for training: scheduled by mutual agreement each level offered four set times per year
Module (topic) selection: any or all modules can be included as needed all modules offered in sequential order
Pricing: flat fee per half-day (one module) or full-day (two modules) priced per participant
Best value: for training 11 - 20 supervisors at a time for training 1 - 10 supervisors at a time
One Town Square Blvd, Suite 100, Asheville, NC 28803 +1 (800) 621-2685 [email protected]