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Employment Surveys

WCI produces several different kinds of surveys for employers that are valuable tools for measuring workplace culture, compensation trends, and specific practices, to help you develop a strategic culture of employee retention.

Employee Opinion Surveys

WCI's Employee Opinion Survey provides management with in-depth analytics, accurate insights, and meaningful measurements of actual workplace culture, complete with WCI expert data interpretation and recommendations. It also includes a proprietary index of engagement and vulnerability.

This is an employee opinion and workplace culture analysis that:

  • Asks 27 carefully crafted questions about the company, supervision, work environment, communications, motivation, and support for the company
  • This proprietary survey tool is not customizable (ask us about custom employee surveys)
  • Measures and builds separate reports for management, technical/professional, and hourly employee groups by shift and supervisor
  • Analyzes statistics, critical issues, and culture from statistical and narrative data, supplied by employees and analyzed by experts
  • Provides professional recommendations for any area that may need remedial action to ensure good attitudes and employee engagement
  • Presents final results to company management in an executive wrap session with documentation
  • Improves employee relations, determines union vulnerability, and strengthens employee loyalty

For more information, contact Wendy Ratcliff at 828.667.3311 or [email protected]

HR Quick Surveys

HR Quick Surveys are available only to members and are a great way to find out what other employers are doing in specific areas.

  • To view past survey results, go to the HR Quick Survey web page (login required)
  • Quick Surveys go out only to those who have signed-up. Participants are notified by email when a survey is open, complete the survey online, and are notified when the results have been compiled.
  • To participate in our Quick Surveys, sign up here (login required).
  • To request a Quick Survey, submit your question here (login required). We will develop the survey and schedule it.

Wage & Salary Survey

The 2022 Southeast Compensation Survey is co-sponsored by WCI (NC) and Employers Network (SC). Participating members receive the final report at no charge. Participating non-members receive those portions of the survey report to which they contributed data at no charge.

This report presents data submitted by 134 unique employers for 396 hourly and salaried positions throughout Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. Employer input is based on second-quarter 2022 payroll information and includes demographics, pay structure, pay practices, and current year and projected base pay increases. Respondents matched jobs in their organization to jobs in the survey and provided compensation data for each employee matched.

Wage and salary surveys are valuable tools for determining how an organization's pay relates to others in a given area. This data should be used with other reliable data sources such as BLS data and national surveys. WCI can provide additional compensation data for our members as requested.

This Wage & Salary Survey will be updated in 2023, with data collection during May. To participate (and get free results), sign-up here.

Order the 2022 Southeast Compensation Survey here.

National Policies & Benefits Survey

The 2021-2022 National Policies & Benefits Survey, conducted by WCI and the Employer Associations of America, is now available. This comprehensive survey includes employer data from 1,265 organizations in 13 regions of the US, including the WCI service area. Data is broken down by number of employees, production/maintenance/service workers in union as well as non-union companies, non-exempt clerical/technical workers, and exempt supervisory/managerial/professional workers, in 332 data categories as follows.

  • health and welfare benefits (133 data categories)
  • retirement benefits (19 data categories)
  • miscellaneous benefits (14 data categories)
  • pay practices (24 data categories)
  • working conditions (68 data categories)
  • paid time off (29 data categories)
  • part-time employee benefits (7 data categories)
  • recruiting, training, and development (24 data categories)
  • employee and community relations (7 data categories)

Order the National Policies & Benefits Survey here.

Southeast Policies & Benefits Survey

Having a competitive benefits package as part of your organization’s total rewards program is important for effective recruiting and for retaining talent.  Every 2 years, WCI conducts our Policies & Benefits Survey - this year co-sponsored by Employers Network in Spartanburg, SC.  

This survey is a great source for local and valuable data on a variety of topics, including PTO practices, 401k vesting and matching contributions, premium pay (shift differentials) and employee recognition activities.  In addition, current topics like flexible schedules, parental leave, corporate/social responsibility, and wellness initiatives are covered.

Order the 2022-2023 Southeast Policies & Benefits Survey here.

Organizations that provided data for the survey will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the results. Non-participating members can purchase the results at a discounted price.

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