Employment Surveys


One of the keys of ongoing success for companies is measuring their employee culture.  WCI's Employee Opinion Survey will allow your organization’s management to gain accurate insights and meaningful measurements of your actual workplace culture. While there are many inexpensive online alternatives, they are not nearly as robust, precise, or offer the degree of analytics and expertise that the WCI system provides.

The Employee Opinion Survey is comprised of 27 carefully crafted questions about:

  • The Company
  • Supervision
  • Work environment
  • Communications
  • Motivation
  • Support for the company

The Survey Processing:

  • Measures and builds reports separately for management, technical/professional, and hourly employee groups by shift and supervisor
  • Analyzes statistics, critical issues, and culture from statistical as well as narrative data supplied by employees, and prepared by a behavior/organizational science professional
  • Provides professional recommendations for any area that may need remedial action to ensure good attitudes and employee engagement
  • Final results are delivered by WCI advisors in an executive wrap to management
  • These surveys are essential for improving employee relations, determining union vulnerability, and strengthening employee loyalty

For more information, contact Ellen Steele at 828.210.1205 or esteele@wciinc.org.



Our surveys provide employers with up-to-date and detailed information about what other employers are doing, confidentially of course, so you can provide competitive compensation, benefits, and practices that help you enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Survey participants and new members receive surveys at no charge.

wagesalaryThe 2016 NC Wage & Salary Survey has been produced as a joint venture between all three employer associations in North Carolina, providing comprehensive pay practice and salary data for employers statewide. Data is included for over 400 positions from over 800 employers, representing almost 124,000 employees. Click here for more information and ordering.



The 2016 WCI Policy & Benefits Survey is currently being published to provide a detailed, confidential, compilation of data from well over 100 employers in the WCI service area. It is extremely useful for assisting management in the evaluation of their company policies and benefit packages. Click here for more information and ordering.




HR Quick Surveys are available only to members and are a great way to find out what other employers are doing in specific areas.

  • To view past survey results, log into this website (upper right corner) if you haven't already, then use the HR Quick Survey tab in the Member Area navigation bar
  • To participate in our Quick Surveys, sign up below. Most of our surveys go out only to those who have requested to get them. Participants are notified by email when a survey is open, complete the survey online, and are notified when the results have been compiled.
  • To request a Quick Survey, submit your question using the link on the HR Quick Survey tab. We will develop the survey and schedule it.