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Develop Your Future Leaders Now

WCI's Supervisory Development Institute (SDI) is a unique program that converts "doers" into leaders. The four levels are designed to be taken in sequence in one year. Download the current SDI brochure.

  • WCI trains hundreds of rising supervisors and managers each year
  • All four levels of SDI are offered to the public four times each year
  • Create your own onsite program by customizing the 24 modules

For more information, call Terry Childers at 828.413.7899.

Developing People Skills (SDI level 1)

The starting point for new supervisors and managers. Six half-day sessions (modules).

  1. Personal Leadership:  assessment of each person’s basic and preferred work styles, using the PDP ProScan tool
  2. Roles & Responsibilities of Leading:  understanding and making the transition to supervisor, with case studies
  3. Situational Leadership:  a model for understanding how to develop an effective leadership style
  4. Effective Communications:  developing the ability to give clear job instruction by strengthening interpersonal skills
  5. Motivating for Performance:  explores employee motivation by going beyond theory to establish conditions for self-motivation
  6. Difficult People & Conflict Resolution:  examines the causes of workplace conflict and how to resolve it

Public classes will start in February, May, August, and October.

Developing Personal Management Skills (SDI level 2)

For supervisors and managers who have completed level one. Six half-day sessions (modules).

  1. Performance Management through Coaching:  enhancing the supervisor's ability to develop productive employees
  2. Adult Learning:  how to motivate adults to learn by understanding learning styles and the processes involved
  3. Time Management & Organizational Skills:  how to organize yourself and your time to get more accomplished
  4. Goal Setting:  strengthens the ability to write and measure goals and link them to performance and the company as a whole
  5. Delegating:  teaches the key principles of delegation, choosing the right task person, and having delegation conversations
  6. Stress Management:  understanding the stress cycle, along with moods, boundaries, and the challenges involved

Public classes will start in February, May, August, and October.

Developing Leadership Skills (SDI level 3)

For supervisors and managers who have completed level two. Six half-day sessions (modules).

  1. Effective Leadership Practices: examines the distinction between managing and leading, and reveals personal leadership styles
  2. Leading Teams: learn how to build a team that will collaborate together to achieve meaningful organizational goals
  3. Building Trust: how leaders develop trust, overcome barriers, and cultivate an environment of trust
  4. Leading Workforce Diversity: strengthens leadership skills and understanding for a diverse workplace culture
  5. Violence, Harassment, and Bullying: how to minimize these workplace issues
  6. Effective Hiring in a Social Media World: how to select the right candidates, and social media issues in the workplace

Public classes will start in February, May, August, and October.

Developing Strategic Management Skills (SDI level 4)

For supervisors and managers who have completed level three. Six half-day sessions (modules).

  1. Employment Law Review:  due process and the legal realities that impact supervision
  2. Leading Change Management: explores the impact of workplace change and how to lead the change process effectively
  3. Strategic Planning: evaluating where the organization is, where it should go, and how it can get there
  4. Project Management: explores the tools and skills needed to launch, lead, and complete workplace projects
  5. Emotional Intelligence & Business Ethics: leading from the inside out and final SDI review
  6. Leadership Legacy: developing a sense of long-term impact in your leadership role

Public classes will start in February, May, August, and October.

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