WCI, Inc

Upcoming Training

Human Resource Seminars

We offer four (4) regional, in-person seminars each year, prepared with HR professionals in mind. They will bring you current relevant topics in human resource management, at no charge to members. Our 2023 focus is on The Employer's Connection to... Compliance (Feb), Culture (Mar), Communication (Sep), and Employee Challenges (Nov). Register below. You may also be interested in our training videos.

2023 HR Forum

Our biggest conference of the year! More information here. Register below.

Supervisory Development

Public classes for all four (4) levels are available as listed below, in both Asheville and Hickory. Priced per participant and discounted for members. More information on program content The next public round, shown below, is subject to changes in schedule and/or format. All registrants will be notified of any changes.

One Town Square Blvd, Suite 100, Asheville, NC 28803 +1 (800) 621-2685 [email protected]