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Employee Experience Analysis (EXA)

The Employee Experience

The changing world we live in calls for a better way to attract and retain talent. As the influence of Millennials grows, employees have more career autonomy than ever before, and expect a work experience that is productive, engaging, and enjoyable. A job with a paycheck is not enough. To compete, employers must develop a new "employment contract" that consists of a productive and positive employee experience at every stage. The better the experience, the better the performance. However, this cannot be guessed with any accuracy. It must be measured in a meaningful way.

How to Measure Employee Experience

Each of your employees has an opinion or perspective on what it's like to work in your organization. Most employees will NOT openly share those opinions directly with their employer, and online surveys have notoriously low completion rates. As a member of WCI, we will collect this information for you onsite, as an outside organization that ensures anonymity. Employees are much more likely to share how they really feel this way. Plus, our many years of experience using our Employee Opinion Survey tool, along with our analyses and expertise, will provide you with the collective information you need to accurately measure and improve the experience of your employees.

The EXA Tool

WCI has developed a system for collecting, analyzing, and reporting the overall employee experience as well as its many components. Our Employee Experience Analysis (EXA) is a fully customizable survey of your workforce, tabulated as needed demographically, analyzed by our HR consultants, and presented to your executive team with recommendations for improvement. You should expect your improvements to more than cover the cost of your EXA through the improved performance of employees enjoying an even better experience. Here's what EXA can measure:

  • 30 factors that make up the overall employee experience, based on research from multiple sources, with an average score for each
  • 6 categories of factors, with an average score for meaningful work, supportive management, positive work environment, growth opportunity, trust in leadership, and well being
  • 3 satisfaction indices for supervision, the employer, and employee jobs
  • 3 additional indices for communication, motivation, and engagement (or vulnerability}
  • The employee experience index, overall, and by customizable demographics
  • Components of the employee experience in need of improvement, with recommendations

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