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Dec. 6, 2023

Gender-based harassment

Recently, the Director of the Women’s Bureau for the Department of Labor, along with the assistant secretary for OSHA, took to the Department of Labor’s blog to offer information on how to keep workers safe from gender-based violence and harassment. The advice was offered on the U.S. Department of Labor’s blog and is part of the international campaign, “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence,” which kicked off on November 25, 2023.

Assessment. To help prevent gender-based violence and harassment and support safe and health workplaces, the blog writers suggest that employers first assess their workplace for risks, referencing the U.S. National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence that was issued for the first time earlier this year. For example, it notes, some indicators considered high-risk for gender-based violence and harassment include male-dominated fields (e.g., trucking, construction, scientific field research); low-wage and tipped employment (e.g., restaurant, janitorial, agricultural, and migrant workers); and conditions of isolation (e.g., domestic workers). That assessment, the writers note, can help reduce the incidence of gender-based violence and harassment by helping employers determine what safeguards are needed, such as working in teams or panic buttons.

Implementation. Employers, according to the post, can draft and implement workplace policies and provide regular training. They can also help change workplace culture by increasing diversity and advancing policies that promote inclusive environments. The blog post also provides additional resources that can be of use to employers.

Source: Written by Brandi O. Brown, J.D.

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