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Oct. 4, 2021

NC Contractors & Vendors COVID Guidelines

State of North Carolina Contractor & Vendor COVID Guidelines

This updated notice was sent to all eVP vendors 10/4/2021

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 and related variants, the state recently implemented new safety measures. All state cabinet agencies – including vendors - are now required to adhere to the new vaccination or testing policy (Executive Order 224) that became effective September 1, 2021.

All employees, contractors, students, temporary staff, or volunteers, within a state cabinet agency office, building, or facility, must wear appropriate face coverings regardless of vaccination status unless exempt due to a qualifying reason. Additionally, all state employees, interns or volunteers, and contractors working on site at state cabinet agency facilities must demonstrate they are fully vaccinated or submit a COVID-19 test result at least once a week.

Similarly, North Carolina vendors and their representatives are expected to comply with the policy.  All contractor employees, interns, or volunteers working on site at a  state cabinet agency facility must:

1) Demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated or submit COVID-19 test results weekly if unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

2) Wear a face covering where required, regardless of vaccination status.   

Contractors are responsible for their employees’ compliance with EO224.

For more information on the state vaccination or testing policy can be found on the NC Office of State Human Resources website.

Thank you for your commitment to serving the state of North Carolina and your support to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

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