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July 30, 2021

North Carolina amends wage payment notification requirements

North Carolina has made minor changes to its wage payment notification, posting and records requirements. The law now requires employers to notify employees in writing at the time of hiring of the promised wages and the day and place for payment. Such notification can no longer be given orally.

Additional Note: If an employer uses written offer letters, the wage notification will be met if the letter includes: the promised wages, the payment schedule, and how the payments will be made. If an employer does not use written offer letters, they should begin using a written process that includes these new requirements.

Employers must also notify employees in writing and at least one pay period prior to any changes [decreases] in promised wages. This notification requirement is no longer met by posting a notice in a place accessible to employees. The time in which such notification must be given has also changed from within 24 hours of such change to one pay period prior to such change. (S.B. 208, Laws 2021, approved and effective July 8, 2021).

Additional Note: In the event of employment termination for any reason, final wages must be paid on or before the next regular payday, by either the normal pay method or by trackable mail if so requested by the employee in writing. If the employee is terminated for cause, or presents a safety hazard, it is recommended that the final pay be sent by direct deposit or trackable mail. This may require an authorization to do so in the employee's exit paperwork to be reviewed and signed.

View the full, amended bill here.

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