WCI, Inc

Consider these solutions for WCI members

Wise Counsel

  1. Get help from our staff experts - Our member hotline will connect you to experienced professional advisors in human resources and safety. This phone and email support is an unlimited member benefit.
  2. Get connected to an employment attorney - Our free legal benefit provides members with three (3) consults per year from leading attorneys in business and employment law through our referral.
  3. Get access to our loaded online toolbox - Members have login access to WCI's HR Answers Now, full of HR compliance documents, sample policies and forms, and daily articles on best practices.
  4. Get input on what other employers are doing - WCI members can review HR Quick Surveys to learn about the policies and practices of other member companies, or request a survey of your own.
  5. Get the latest important news for employers - We invite our members to two (2) annual conferences: our HR Forum and Issues in the Workplace. We also monitor and post employer-relevant news from various sources on our Home page and eBrief newsletter.

Exceptional Managers

  1. Train your HR staff - Each year, we conduct four (4) regional, in-person seminars on current HR topics, along with three (3) employment law "hot topic" webinars. These are all no-charge for member employees and provide recertification credits for HR professionals.
  2. Develop your supervisors and managers - WCI's Supervisory Development Institute (SDI) offers four (4) levels of training new and rising leaders to improve their people skills, personal management skills, leadership skills, and strategic management skills. All 24 modules are available in regional and onsite formats, with substantial discounts for members.
  3. Provide custom training for your managers - We also offer one-hour training programs designed for managers for harassment prevention, sensitivity & respect, diversity & inclusion, improving engagement, as well as customized training. Members can schedule an annual, one-hour, manager training session at no-charge. Additional training is discounted for member companies.

Productive Employees

  1. Create a positive work environment - Our proprietary Employee Opinion Survey measures your workplace culture and engagement (scaled fee). We offer discount pricing on workshops about safety practices, employee engagement, and team building.
  2. Help your employees find job satisfaction - We can help you recruit for management positions through WCI Search, which is below industry pricing, yet guaranteed. We have the tools and expertise to build job models to help you select candidates that better fit their positions for greater satisfaction and productivity (scaled fees).
  3. Offer a competitive compensation package - WCI and partner organizations conduct wage, benefit, and policy surveys. Regional data survey reports are free to participating members, with additional data available from our HR advisors (limited member benefit). Our in-house brokers and partners offer innovative group healthcare benefit plans with significant cost savings.

Evaluate Membership

  • For more information or details about member benefits or joining WCI, please call David Snook at 828-210-1203 or email [email protected]
  • Membership pricing is scaled to your employee count of full-time equivalents, at $16 per employee per year, plus $100 per covered site
  • The minimum cost is $820 and the maximum cost is $6,900 per year
  • Using your membership benefits can easily save you well more than it costs, and will help you develop a positive and compliant workplace culture
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