WCI, Inc
Sept. 23, 2021

Employee Mental Health

We were wondering what employers are doing to focus on mental health in this pandemic environment. It's good to consider how your employees are doing, whether they're burned out (as many are these days), and what can be done about it. Here's what we learned.

mental health

Most of the employees among all these member organizations are doing fair or good, under the circumstances. The average is 6 (fair but improving). The median is 5 (fair and stable). The graph also shows what employers are doing or providing for the mental health of their employees. There is widespread reliance on the mental health benefits of health plans and on employee assistance programs.

Since the pandemic began, mental health initiatives have been added at 30% of companies, and include the following specifics:

  • mental health resources added to company intranets
  • mental health benefits available through telehealth providers
  • webinars provided for remote assistance
  • information provided for the relief of stress
  • enhanced benefits for mental health at plan renewal
  • seminars provided by healthcare providers
  • hosted 6-weeks of zoom meditation classes for interested employees
  • extra time off (half-day Fridays)
  • mobile app with coaching, video therapy, and interactive activities
  • more flexibility for family and personal breaks
  • interactive programs and virtual counseling
  • using LifeWorks for counseling and psychological services (Hickory/Morganton)

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