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Finding the best job candidates

If you need better results than you're getting with posting and screening, then you should consider PDP selection tools. Here's how to find the best job candidates using this proven technology:

  1. Discover the specific behavioral traits needed by having 1-3 peak performers complete PDP ProScans. WCI will handle this and build a job model with PDP JobScan technology.
  2. Include our recommended words in your job postings to attract the best candidates. These words are based on the science of understanding the preferences and behaviors of working adults.
  3. Work your normal process of narrowing the candidate pool, such as pre-screening or interviewing for experience, education, skills assessment, etc.
  4. WCI will have your leading candidates complete a job-matching PDP ProScan that compares their behavioral traits with the job model, providing an objective score for each candidate.
  5. Make your final selection. Additional interview questions will be provided, if needed, to dig deeper where needed to determine the best job fit.

PDP technology has been field tested over 6 million times, is rated as 96% accurate, is EEOC compliant, and frequently revalidated. It is used by Chick-fil-A, Hertz, multiple WCI members, and hundreds of other companies in many countries. Using our PDP tools and services will pay for itself by reducing turnover and improving retention and engagement. For more information, contact David Snook at [email protected] or 828.210.1203.

Handling your searching and screening

WCI can also conduct full recruiting services, at significantly less cost than traditional search firms. Here's how WCI Search can help you:

  • Find and pre-qualify serious management candidates with proven ability.
  • Services provided by WCI's professional recruiter with substantial HR experience.
  • Past placements include Engineers, Supervisors, and Plant, Safety, HR, and IT Managers.
  • This service is available to employers only and discounted for WCI members.
  • Our results are guaranteed (we will replace free within 6 months if terminated)

For more information, contact Wendy Ratcliff at [email protected] or 828.329.7602

Building your team's cohesiveness

WCI can provide an effective team-building workshop for your staff or team. Our Team Discovery Workshop is facilitated by a WCI staff member certified to utilize PDP TeamScan technology with your team. TeamScan measures the dynamics of any team or working group. When presented and explained, the team grows in understanding among coworkers, leading to healthier and more productive working relationships, perceptions, communication, and synergy. The Workshop provides:

  • In-depth insights into your unique group or team dynamics.
  • Understanding of personal and coworkers' natural behaviors, work styles, energy levels, stressors, perspectives, and communication preferences.
  • A two- to four-hour workshop that is fun, interactive, and customized for your team.
  • Greater collaboration among team members to achieve business goals.

Each team member completes a PDP ProScan prior to the workshop, and these results are combined into multiple TeamScan reports for discussion in the workshop. Pricing is scaled to the size of the team and the length and scope of the workshop. For more information, contact David Snook at [email protected] or 828.210.1203.

Empowering your managers for better leadership

Employee supervision is the front line of your business success. It has been said that people leave their managers, not their employers. WCI's Supervisory Development Institute is exceptionally effective at developing the skills needed for effective supervision. But it's also essential for these frontline supervisors and managers to understand their employees. Understanding what makes individual employees tick leads to more effective people management and productivity. WCI offers PDP Management QuickViews along with coaching to make it work. Here's the simple implementation:

  1. The supervisor or manager completes a PDP ProScan and a review session with a PDP Advisor from WCI.
  2. Each subordinate employee completes a PDP ProScan and the manager receives a Management QuickView report for each.
  3. WCI's advisor coaches the supervisor / manager as needed to apply the results for better managing of the employees.

You can expect improvements in workplace culture, employee job satisfaction, performance, and morale. For more information, contact David Snook at [email protected] or 828.210.1203.

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