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HR2 - Cultivating Generationally Diverse Teams . . . Successfully!

Today, we have five generations working together. Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age, the Sandwich Generation (Gen X) is balancing care for aging parents with supporting their children, Millennials (Gen Y) have the greatest number of people currently working, and Gen Z (the youngest and most different group) will become the largest group in the workforce in just 6 years! This regional seminar features Faith Cody, once known as the People Whisperer of Chick-fil-A and now on WCI's instructional staff, will help you:

  • Recognize generational differences - are they all bad?
  • Dig into some stereotypes we have about the generations
  • Reveal ways to bridge the gaps and embrace the diversity
  • Apply each generation’s superpowers to make your team SLAY

More on teams

We offer four (4) regional, in-person seminars each year, prepared with HR professionals in mind. Additional topics are being developed for 2024 with an overall focus on the best practices for Team Building that will be offered during February, March, September, and November. Registration will be available here while open.

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