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Connection to Compliance: The Intricacies of FMLA

McGuire Wood & Bissette attorneys Sabrina Presnell Rockoff and Murphy Horne Fletcher are no strangers to WCI training events. They're back for our regional February HR seminars. The Family Medical Leave Act continues to evolve, and the current employer obligations will be discussed to keep you compliant with your leave policies and best practices. Join us at the location of your choice.

Connection to Culture: The Chick-fil-A Way

How many times have you visited a Chick-fil-A and wondered why the people there are all so happy? Then another thought: what could I do to bring some of that positivity to my company? Through this session, Faith Cody will share some practices of this well-known organization that will help improve the culture of your team.

  • What is culture and the importance of keeping tabs on it
  • Company values, vision, purpose - setting, using and sharing them
  • Short- and long-term game - hiring, accountability and promoting to customers
  • Customer service - practice internally what you expect externally

Faith Cody, is the Senior Director of People and Talent for multiple high-volume Chick-fil-A establishments that employ over 300 team members. She was named The People Whisperer in 2021 by her Chick-fil-A teammates for her ability to inspire her teams to embrace the Chick-fil-A culture of Servant Leadership.

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