Employee Opinion Surveys

fee-for-serviceOne of the keys of consistent success for companies is measuring their employee culture.  The employee opinion survey process will allow your organization’s management to gain accurate insights and meaningful measurements of your actual workplace culture.  It can help you create positive employee relationships. While there are many inexpensive online alternatives, they are not nearly as robust, precise, or offer the degree of analytics that the WCI system provides through our HR professionals. Not even close!


The Survey is comprised of 27 carefully crafted questions about:

  • The Company
  • Supervision
  • Work environment
  • Communications
  • Motivation
  • Support for the company


The Survey Processing:

  • Measures and builds reports separately for management, technical/professional, and hourly employee groups
  • Analyzes statistics, critical issues, and culture from both statistical and narrative data supplied by employees, and prepared by a behavior/organizational science professional
  • Compiles results for all groups, shifts, and supervisors


The Final Report to Management is:

  • Delivered by WCI personnel along with recommendations for any area that may need remedial action to ensure good attitudes and employee engagement
  • Completed Employee Opinion Surveys are essential for improving employee relations and organizational effectiveness, determining union vulnerability, and strengthening employee loyalty


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